I know this is crazy but awhile back I purchased a bunch of material that I decided would make beautiful napkins for the wedding.  I decided it would be a nod to being environmentally friendly (as they’re reusable), a wonderful keepsake for years to come, they’ll add a touch of soft decoration to the reception space and can be given as part of the many thank you gifts I’ll be putting together after the wedding.  There are so many wonderful people who are contributing to this celebration I won’t let them go unnoticed =)  

However, days after I brought my pretty material home I was offered a fantastic job that is now taking up much of my time, so if any of you ladies feel like making napkins some weekend you know how to reach me =)  I’ll post photos of the fabric soon, I think you’ll like it as much as I do!


Simple & Delightful

I’ve been a bit torn on the flower front.  I love flowers when they’re growing in the garden or a bouquet on the coffee table, but I’m not much of an “arrangement” sort.  They tend to look to fabricated and contrived (redundant, I know) that’s just how I feel about them.  However, a wedding just isn’t complete without a few of them sprinkled throughout the festivities.  I’ll be going the simple, handmade route using this tutorial (maybe add a few white poppies too).  Classy, beautiful, perfect.

via Project Wedding


Having not posted in waaayyy  to long, I thought I’d share this video as some filler.  I’ve always had a bit of a crush on this group and yet again they did not disappoint!


Bridesmaid inspiration

So I’ve hemmed and I’ve hawwed, and I’ve hemmed and hawwed some more.  I’m currently crushing on this beautiful mash up of dresses…

The plan is to have all my girls in dark blue but in varying styles and cuts.  I’d love for them to look this distinctive too!

…isn’t that bride absolutely gorgeous!


I’ve had a LOT of questions about flowers lately and thought that now is as good a time as any to post about them.  My ideal and most favorite blossoms would include:

My birth flower, Lily of the Valley

Toulousse Lautrec garden rose's

Juliet Garden roses

Persian Buttercup ranunculas'

and a few of whatever these beauties are

…I’m realizing that I have ridiculously expensive taste as I have just selected some of the highest priced buds, what’s a girl to do with such good taste?

I can practically smell their delicious perfumes just looking at their photos, can’t you?

*several photos were borrowed from Fifty Flowers*

Pattern Hunt

So I’m currently searching for wedding dress patterns and ideas as I type…there’s about 3 other tabs open on my screen while I hem and haw over what I like best…and I think I’ve found it.

Vogue Pattern

Now I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t look a bit dated and well..not very you, Genevieve?  But alas in my head I’ve fixed all these issues, bear with me.  Close your eyes (after reading this of course) and picture this…

Creamy smooth dupioni silk…a sweetheart neckline…No arm/shoulder/back covering…French chantilly lace discreetly stitched into the back draping train portion…now shorten the train and make it ever so much smaller.  Beautiful, no?

Alright my dears, your turn to weight in…what do you think =)

Baby projects

Taking a little break from wedding planning I thought I’d share a little something else that’s been going on in my life.  My best friend recently had a little baby girl who I got to meet this past weekend…let me tell you I’m one proud god-mom.  One of my recent sewing projects was a nursing cover/apron contraption for the both of them.

So here’s the rundown of a novice sewing project:

Sewing supplies and instructions that have very carefully corrected and detailed by my future mom-in-law.

Adorable curly-cue cotton fabric that she picked out a couple months ago and 2 terry cloth pocket pieces.

Ironing all the edges twice (first fold 1/2 inch and second fold 3/4 inch).

As I made a small hem around 3 sides of the material, I placed the pocket pieces into the edges I was sewing to build them into the apron.

On the top side (the side that I hadn’t hemmed yet) I placed the straps into the ironed edges, stitched them down and then folded them back up to the top and stitched them across the top again.

I inserted the boning in between the 2 straps and under the ironed edges…this creates a space for the nursing mama to look down at her little babe while remaining covered (especially helpful in public areas).

Then I stitched the top hem down ( encasing the boning in the hem so it won’t pop out) and the apron/bib/dodad was finished.  I now know a few things I’d do differently, but for someone who doesn’t sew to often I felt pretty proud of myself and the hour I spent putting it together.  Now to see if Mom and baby can figure out the contraption and whether it’s helpful or not!  I’ll post a photo of them using it as soon as I can find one =)